Our First Family Photo

For family fun - I thought this photo was perfect <3  OUR First Family Photo!!

So much love and joy <3 and more fun to follow!


Meet Eli ♥

Baby feet are one of the sweetest things on earth :) This is my son at 10 days old!

He's now 4 weeks - and it's been the best 4 weeks of my life!

Let them be little :)

Let them be little ♥

This has to be one of my favorite themes for the I Heart Faces photo challenge - I adore kids!  I work with children with special needs on a daily basis and I love my job.  I am pregnant with my first and couldn't be more thrilled. Our Son should be arriving within the next 2-4 weeks!   I can't wait to have my own little newborn model :)  Newborn photography is my favorite and this is one of my favorite little angels!

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